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Registration Guidelines
All participants of the 12th IACC and accompanying persons are required to register for the Conference via one of the following registration channels:

By 31 October 2006

On-line through the Conference website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  As of October 20th you can only pay your registration fee with a Credit Card, either online or by direct charge.  If it is by direct charge please remember to send us the following by fax (502 23336893 or 23675143):

a  The credit card payment authorization form with all the information required therein; and,

b   A copy of both sides of the credit card and a paragraph stating the credit card holder's authorization to charge the credit card with the amount to be charged, confirming the cardholder's name, card number, and the expiration date.  We request that the credit card holder also signs this letter. 


After 31 October 2006

On-site only by cash or credit card.

Please note:

  • The standard currencies for lodging expenses only are the Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ) and the US Dollar (USD). The standard currency for all other prices, rates, refunds and related fees is the US Dollar (USD).
  • All transaction fees, including those related to refunds, will be borne by the registrants.
  • All dates and times are based upon Guatemalan Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours)
  • All requests for cancellations or refunds must be submitted before the deadline in written form. Telephone and other oral requests will not be accepted.
  • Full payment of fees is required for registration to be complete.



Please read carefully the following guidelines before completing your registration form:

1. Personal Information

Title: Please print title.

First Name: Please print first name, as it should appear on the identification badge.

Last Name: Please print last name in capital letters, as should appear on the identification badge.

Organization / Department / Position: Please print the name of the affiliated organization, and other relevant information.

Nationality: Please print country of citizenship.

Street / City / Postal Code / State / Country: Please print current mailing address.

Tel / Fax: If entering multiple numbers, please list them in order of accessibility, each phone number separated by a comma.

E-mail: An e-mail address shall be provided for updates or important notifications on registration status or information regarding the 12th IACC.

Passport Number / Number of  Cédula de Vecindad, and Date of Birth: The passport number, or the number of Cédula de Vecindad if your nationality is Guatemalan, and the date of birth are required for reasons of visa and security.

Passport Expiry Date: The passport expiry date is required for reasons of visa and security.

Special Dietary Needs: Should specific dietary considerations be requested, please check the appropriate box.

Other Special Needs: Please indicate any other special needs that might be required, including needs for the disabled.


2. Identification Badge and Conference Participants List

An identification badge will be provided at the Conference registration desks to serve as a ticket for the Conference, as well as a useful form of identification for other participants. The identification badge will include the participants name, organisation and nationality. Participants are requested to wear the badge throughout the entire Conference.

As a general rule the participant’s Name and Organization will appear on the Conference participants list. If you do not want to appear on the list please choose the option “no”.

3. Registration fee

a) Registration Fee (US Dollars)


Before 15 September 2006
From 16 September 2006
Regular fee

Guatemala Nationals fee (Limited capacity)
Reduced fee
(for NGOs, academic institutions and students)
Accompanying persons


Note: As part of the Conference organization procedure, and to ensure the proper development of the Conference programme, Transparency International has assumed responsibility, for the development of the Conference programme, the organization of the workshops, and other relevant duties.

b) TI Supported Participants

Registration fee exemptions can be granted only by Transparency International. TI will notify the Organizing Company about the people it will support.

c) Registration Fee Submission Deadline: 31 October 2006.

Applicants who fail to complete their registration fee payment by this deadline will not be considered participants. Subsequent to this date, registration fees must be paid on-site. The date when the application is sent through courier service or fax is considered as the date of application.

d) Registration Entitlements

Registrants are entitled to attend all plenary sessions, all workshops, the Opening Ceremony*, the Networking Evening, the Gala Dinner and the Folk Festival. They are also entitled to coffee and lunch during the respective breaks for the duration of the Conference, and a complimentary bag.

In addition Conference attendants are entitled to breakfast in the hotels with which the Conference organisers have arranged pre booking. Detailed information about the hotels is provided in the Hotels section in the website.

* Attendance for the Opening Ceremony can only be guaranteed for those participants who have registered before 31 October 2006.

Cancellation on or before 15 October 2006
Full refund minus administrative fee of USD 50
Cancellation after 15 October 2006
No Refund
* All appropriate refunds will be reimbursed following the conclusion of the Conference.
4. Flight Information

Please be aware that a continuous shuttle service will run between the airport, the Conference venue, and pre-booked hotels. In order to maximise its efficiency please indicate name of the airline, flight numbers and arrival and departure times to and from Guatemala in local time.Please refer to the official 12th IACC website for more information on shuttle routes and schedules.


5. Attendance of Social Event(s)

The Conference includes a number of social events. There will be two cocktail receptions, one gala dinner and one folk festival.Please see the Social Events section of the website for more information, including the dress code.

For reasons of security and size limitations, the Conference organisers cannot guarantee the participation in the Opening Ceremony to attendants that do not register at least 15 days before the Conference.

6. Attendance of related meetings

Before the 12th IACC three international meetings will take place. Please note that attendance at these meetings is by invitation only and that separate registration exists for each meeting:

  • Transparency International’s 2006 Annual Membership Meeting (TI 2006 AMM): 13-14 November 2006 .
  • The United Nations Development Programme Global Community of Practice Meeting on Anti-Corruption: 13-14 November 2006.
For greater coordination, please indicate whether you have been invited and plan to participate in either of these conferences.

7. Hotel Reservation(s)

The 12th IACC Organising Committee has pre-booked space at a number of hotels to aid participants in securing a space. Please note that the hotels are only able to hold these pre-bookings until 15September 2006.

Due to the great number of events taking place around the time of the 12th IACC, it is strongly suggested to make hotel reservations as soon as possible.Detailed information about the hotels is provided on the section about Hotel Registration in this Website. 

The Conference organisers have secured a diversity of efficient and convenient lodging facilities at special Conference discount rates for the participants, during the period of the Conference.

All IACC participants are requested to make their own hotel reservations and follow carefully each hotel's reservation and cancellation policies.
8. Accompanying Person(s)

1) Fee: USD 300 (before September 15) and 400 (after September 15) per accompanying person.

2) Accompanying persons are entitled to the following:

Accompanying Person Registration Pack
Free Tours: One full-day tour (with two different options). Limited to registered accompanying person/s only.
Opening Ceremony
Networking Evening
Gala Dinner
Folk Festival

Accompanying persons cannot attend the plenaries, workshops or special plenary sessions. If the accompanying person wishes to participate in the plenaries or the workshops, registration as a regular Conference participant is required (i.e., as either a full registrant). Accompanying persons will be provided with lunch during the full-day tours only.

3) Cancellations and Refunds for Accompanying Persons

All appropriate refunds will be reimbursed following the conclusion of the Conference.

Cancellation on or before 15 October 2006
Full refund minus administrative fee of USD 50
Cancellation after 15 October 2006
No Refund


9. Tour Reservation(s)

The Conference organisers will operate two options for a one day free tour programme during the Conference ( for accompanying persons only) and four tour programmes following the Conference. For detailed tour schedules, itineraries, and conditions please refer to the official Conference website. Reservations for these tours will be accepted before and during the Conference. The four post-Conference tour programmes are not free of charge.

Cancellations and Refunds for Tours (only for post Conference tours)

Date (s)
45 days before tour date
Full Refund
30 days before tour date
50% of tour fee will be deducted from the refund
15 day before tour date
No refund
10. Payment(s)

Payment for hotels and tours must be handled separately from that of Conference registration. Payments to the hotels should be made directly to them and for the tours directly to the travel agency operating the tours.

Registration Payment

Please select from the following methods of payment.

Credit Card: (Only VISA, MasterCard, and American Express will be accepted.) There are two ways to pay by credit card.

Online payment: In the Online registration form please select the option "Online payment” and provide the credit card details. By choosing this method of payment the credit card details become a required field in the registration form.

  • Please note: If you are not the card holder Once you have processed your payment and filled the registration form, send by fax to 00+( 502) 23 33 68 93 or (502) 23 67 51 43 a copy (both sides) of the credit card you hold and a paragraph stating your authorization to charge the credit card with the corresponding amount (please see point 3 “registration fees” on the Registration Guidelines), confirming the cardholder’s name, card number, and the expiration date. For extra security this letter must be signed.

    Online payments are processed through a secure server connection by an intermediary transaction firm.

  • Direct charge to Credit card: Download and fill the authorisation form, please send by Fax to the Conference organisers at 00+( 502) 23 33 68 93 or (502) 23 67 51 43.

    Please note: In all cases you will need to send by fax to 00+( 502) 23 33 68 93 or (502) 23 67 51 43 a copy (both sides) of the credit card you hold and a paragraph stating your authorization to charge the credit card with the corresponding amount (please see point 3 “registration fees”), confirming the cardholder’s name, card number, and the expiration date. For extra security this letter must be signed.
Note: For your security these are legal requirements from the Credit intermediary company.

Only VISA, MasterCard, and American Express will be accepted.

TI Supported Participants:

This option is limited to participants whose registration fee will be borne by Transparency International.  Following verification by TI, The Organizing Office will notify the participant of the completion of their registration.

Accompanying Person / Lodging / Tour

Accompanying person(s) payment shall be made to the same account as for the 12th IACC Participants. When filling the registration form and processing the payment make sure you have calculated the right amount depending on the classification and date of payment.

11. Confirmation of Conference Registration
• Letter of Confirmation (Conference registration): Once registration is complete, a Letter of Confirmation will be sent by e-mail, or by fax to confirm registration completion (registration will be completed only when the full registration fee has been paid to the Organizing Office). Registrants whose passports are from a country classified as “C” according to Guatemalan immigration law will also receive an Official Invitation Letter needed for obtaining the 12th IACC Courtesy Visa. For more information consult the section on Visa in the Conference website.
• Letter of Confirmation (Accompanying person, Lodging and Tour registration): The Organizing Office will send a Letter of Confirmation by e-mail, fax or mail.

12.  Review of Registration Information

Each participant can view their most recent registration information on the official Conference website. The code to access your profile will by provided by the conference organisers. Modifications can only be made via a written request to the Organising Office (see contact details below).

13. Other Inquiries

General inquiries regarding registration, hotels, accompanying persons, and tours, should be directed to Margarita Klanderud, Director, Conference Organizing Company at:

Proyección de Imagen, S.A.
10a. Av. 18-69 Zona 14 Guatemala City, Guatemala
Phone: 00+502 23 67 51 43 and 44
Fax: 00+( 502) 23 33 68 93 or (502) 23 67 51 43
Mail: info@12iacc.org
DISCLAIMER “The Organisers of the 12th IACC reserve the right at any time to change the programme or to cancel or postpone the Conference. In the event of cancellation or postponement, their liability is limited to refunding any registration fee already paid. The Organisers will notify registered participants at the address shown on their registration form of any decision to cancel or postpone. The organisers strongly recommend attendees take out their own insurance against any losses arising from cancellation or postponement of the Conference or the inability of a participant to attend for any reason whatsoever and they accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any participant or accompanying person or other person whatsoever.”

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