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Conference Background

With billions of people still mired in poverty and delivery on the promises of many new governments and anti-corruption campaigns yet to materialise, it is time for the movement to ask itself some serious and probing questions. After nearly two decades of research, advocacy and reform, why is corruption still such a huge problem?

There is an urgent need to reflect and regroup, to look beyond our traditional coalitions, to find new voices and new faces, to energise this vital fight, upon which justice and the welfare of the global community depends.

The IACC provides an excellent context for an honest and rigorous examination of these questions, so that together we can move towards a fairer world. The 12th IACC is due to take place in Guatemala City and Antigua from 15 to 18 November 2006.

A Latin American venue was chosen for the next IACC, since the Conference rotates through the regions of the world and it is Latin America‘s turn again (see Conference History). TI, as Secretariat to the IACC Council, is working with the Government of Guatemala and TI-Guatemala to prepare the conference.

Given the Government of Guatemala‘s demonstrated interest in fighting corruption, Guatemala is an ideal venue for this important international anti-corruption forum. One of President Oscar Berger‘s main priorities since his assumption of office in January 2004 is to fight corruption in his country.

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Published on: 2006-12-21 (308097 reads)

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