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Programme at a Glance

Day 3: Friday 17 November

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9:00 - 11:00
Plenary 3:
Breaking the vicious cycle: Corruption and poverty, obstacles to social and economic rights

11:30 - 14:00
Morning Workshops

Workshop 1.4
OECD Anti-Bribery Convention: How can the pressure be maintained?

Workshop 2.4
Access to information and Transparency in Fiduciary Public Funds: a comparative analysis between Argentina, Guatemala, and Mexico

Workshop 4.4
Creating an anti-corruption agenda for post communist societies: Learning from Latin America's experiences

Workshop 5.4
The Business of Sports and Corruption

Workshop 6.4
Multilateral Development Banks Mechanisms to Investigate and Sanction Corruption in Its activities

Workshop 7.4
The Role of Law Enforcement in the Facilitation of International Anti-Corruption Instruments

Workshop 8.4
Constrains and Challenges of Investigative Journalism against Corruption

Workshop 8.5
Latin American anticorruption offices experiences, strengths and weaknesses.

Special Strategic Session:
The SME challenge: How can smaller businesses tackle bribery and corruption?

15:00 - 17:30

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 1.5:
The Asset Recovery Paradigm: Taking the Gain Out of Public Corruption

Workshop 2.5
Administrative and Grand Corruption within the Judiciary

Workshop 3.5
Preventing Corruption in Forestry: Challenges and Opportunities for the Private Sector

Workshop 4.5
Financial Disclosure Programs for Public Officials: why they are essential, how they operate, the politics of establishing them (Coordinator Rick Messick (World Bank) has been combined with the special training session “Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector” (Friday, 15:00-19:30, Obelisco-Independencia).

Workshop 5.5
The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: A potentially powerful multi-stakeholder tool for advancing corporate accountability

Workshop 6.5
What carrots, which sticks? Determining appropriate roles for donor institutions in anti-corruption measures

Workshop 7.5
Denying Safe Haven to the Corrupted and Those that Corrupt Them, and Their Assets

Workshop 8.6
Towards Strengthening Civil Society Parliamentary Network

Special Training Session:
Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector

18:00 -19:30
Special Plenary Session 3:
Security Sector Reform and making Change happen in a Defence Ministry


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