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Programme at a Glance

Day 2: Thursday 16 November

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9:00 - 11:00 Plenary 2:
State for sale: Corruption and embedded networks of influence
11:30 - 14:00
Morning Workshops

Workshop 1.2
Drawing lessons from the implementation and monitoring of the OAS Convention, is this an example to follow?

Workshop 2.2
Exploring and interrogating the genderized impact and approach to combating corruption

Workshop 3.2
Anti-corruption practices in non-renewable natural resources for sustainable human development

Workshop 4.2
Informal practice and corruption: How to weaken the link

Workshop 5.2
Infrastructure project financing

Workshop 6.2
Are Institutionalized Processes Contributing to Corruption? Determining Best Value in Anti-Corruption

Workshop 7.2
Defence Procurement Reform and Defence Integrity Pacts

Workshop 8.2
New Civil Society Initiatives to Fight Corruption

Special Strategic Session:
Sharing Information and Knowledge to Fight Corruption - Challenges and Opportunities

15:00 - 17:30

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 1.3
How can UNCAC monitoring be made to work?

Workshop 2.3
Health and Corruption

Workshop 3.3
Alternative Approaches to Identifying and Combating Corruption in the Water Sector

Workshop 4.3
Building transparent political finance regimes: the role of state modernization and oversight by civil society

Workshop 5.3
Taking stock of integrity pacts: Impact and Impact Measuring

Workshop 6.3
Effective Strategies in Grassroots Campaigning versus Corruption

Workshop 7.3
Transparency and security efficient management

Workshop 8.3
Different Approaches for Monitoring Governance and Transparency at the Local Level (Enfoques de Monitoreo al buen Obierno y la Transparencia en el Nivel Local)

Special Training Session:
Conducting Effective Investigations of Corruption in Multiple Jurisdictions

18:00 - 19:30
Special Plenary Session 1:
The World Bank Governance And Anticorruption Strategy. A Multistakeholder Dialogue On The Road Ahead.

Special Plenary Session 2:
Corruption in Extractive Industries


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